Display Ads – The game changer of digital marketing

Below are several forms of display advertising that are transforming how businesses target customers.

1. The power of Video Ads.

Online customers prefer visual content. Placing your business’ adverts in video form will attract more traffic to your website. Videos help you to connect with your audience at a personal level hence retaining them and building trust with them. It is worth noting that video ads could be the secret ingredient to your business’ growth strategy.

2. Rich media offers Ads with advanced features to engage the audience.

Rich media offers more options to engage an audience with your ad. It utilizes a wide range of interactive digital media including audio, streaming, and videos. It provides a powerful opportunity with a lot of creativity that allows the campaigns to deliver your message creating a greater impact. The common type of rich media include:
  • In-page ads. This type of Ad shows up in various corners of the site in the form of a preset or rectangle banner.
  • Out of page ads. This includes floating ads, pop-up ads, and expandable ads.
  • In-stream ads. This involves pre or post-roll videos

3. Use of Interstitial Ads.

These are interactive ads that are displayed to the users before they are directed to the original content they requested. They appear between content. The ad types include text, rich media, and video. Users can click on the Ads to visit its destination, or they can ignore it by closing it and continue with what they were doing.

4. Effective use of banner Ads.

Banner Ads are image-based, and they are a popular form of online advertising. Their main purpose is to advertise the brand. They usually appear at the top, sidebar and bottom of a website, in a banner format.
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