School App Benefits
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School App Benefits

How Can Your Child's School Benefit?

  • Free push messaging to all stakeholders – or target audiences
  • Peace of mind for parents when weather or other emergencies pop up unexpectedly
  • Ability to target messages for various sub groups within your school community (parents, local businesses, sponsors, etc.)
  • Provides up to date information on upcoming events; time changes for any athletic or club activities
  • Eases collection process for administrative staff through automatic reminders of deadlines
  • Provides a simple means of surveying the school community
  • Promotes a green environment within your school community by reducing paper correspondence
  • Increased community participation and involvement at every level
According to Edutopia, (August, 2011), NSPRA (National School Parent Relations Association) President Ron Koehler points out, “Consumer needs are changing. The backpack folder is no longer the primary source of information for parents. They want and prefer instant electronic information. … The data demonstrates parents and non-parents alike turn to the web when they need information, and they want it now.”