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Best Mobile Marketing Agencies for Small Business

When considering a Mobile Marketing Company, you should consider the following to ensure that your mobile campaign is optimized for ranking in the search engines and customer conversion.
The first factor to consider is the URL use. Do they comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing a mobile specific URL? What type of keyword strategy is used in the URL’s in order to rank the site better in mobile search engines?
Next, assess whether the vendor uses mobile compliant code. Does the code used by the vendor ensure cross-mobile browser compatibility? Is the site consistent in all the different mobile browsers?
Mobile users want and need easy navigation. Evaluate the usability of their sites in a mobile browser. Does the site allow quick access to the information that mobile users are seeking, or is it bogged down by unneeded information?
A fourth aspect to consider is the integration of the primary site with the mobile site. How does the vendor maintain informational consistency for all users?
Finally, evaluate if the company is current on mobile marketing web trends. Do they have a set way of creating mobile sites, or are they adapting to the changes in the industry? Are they up to date on current browser requirements for mobile sites?
Extreme Marketing Innovations is a full service mobile marketing company dedicated to helping small business owners gain leads and customers utilizing the latest mobile marketing tools and technologies.
Our team of mobile marketing professionals can show you how to target your mobile audience to increase sales and gain a better ROI for your advertising dollars.
Our solutions can help your business target your mobile savvy audience generating more business and increasing sales.
Our full suite of mobile marketing services include our Extreme Mobile Websites, Extreme WiFi Marketing, Extreme Mobile Wallet Loyalty Program, Extreme SMS Marketing, Extreme QR Code Marketing and Extreme NFC Marketing.
Contact us today to have one of our mobile marketing experts explain how we can help your business grow using mobile.

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