Creating Your First Punch Card Campaign


Step 1: Login into your account

1. Login into your account on MobiPunch Platform

2. From the upper left side, select from the drop down list the option New Program.


Step 2: Enter Your Campaign Details


1 – Name field

This is the name of your punch card campaign


2 – Description

Provide a short description of your punch card campaign using this field.


3 – Country

Select which country where you will implement the punch card campaign.


4 – Language

You can choose the default language of the punch card, adding localization settings for your customers.


5 – Punch Card Icon

This will be the icon that will be displayed on locked screen notification for mobile devices.


6 – Punch Card Scheme

Select the main function of the card, whether it will be a punch card function, tiered membership, or if it will be used for a one time special offer. You can also select Custom to which you will have complete control on the function of the card.


7 – Punches for Activities

You can set the number of reward points each activity your customer engages into. For example, if the customer adds their email address to the punch card, you can reward them with a point or a couple for doing such action. Leave the fields as blank if you do not want an action to have a corresponding point.



1 – Company Name (Required)

Input the name of the company whose campaign this punch card belongs to.


2 – Address (Required)

The specific address of the business establishment who owns the campaign.


3 – Website (Optional)

If the company has a website, you may input it on this field. Otherwise, you may leave it blank.


4 – Email (Required)

The official contact email of the company that can address punch card concerns.


5 – Phone (Required)

A phone number that can be reached by customers should they have additional queries about the punch card campaign.


6 – Terms

You can input the specific terms and conditions of the punch card campaign on this field. This will appear on the back of the card when customers flip it on the mobile pass app.


7 – Scanning and Redemption

There are three options on how the card can be distributed.

Pass Verifier: A Pass Verifier app needs to be downloaded by the customer so that they can download the punch card. Additionally, you need to register your campaign using the Pass Verifier website.

Browser: This is the most generic method, users can just scan the QR distribution code and have the punch card downloaded immediately to their mobile devices.

None: Select this if you plan to distribute the mobile punch cards manually, by emailing the distribution link or distribution QR code. Works best if you wish to distribute it only to a select list of customers.


8 – Punch Change Message

This is the custom message that appears when the customer’s punch card is updated. the %@ format is for the number of punches that the card has accumulated.


9 – Create/Cancel Button

Once the entire details of the punch card is set, you may create your punch card by clicking the Create button.


Once you have entered the punch card details and functions, you can proceed to Step 3, editing the appearance of your punch card.

Step 3: Edit The Appearance Of Your Punch Card
1. Once you have clicked the Create button, it will bring you to the Programs page. Click on the Customize button to begin editing the appearance of your punch card.


2. Edit the background, foreground and label colors.

3. To add a logo onto your card, just drag and drop a logo image. You will then be prompted to crop the logo if necessary. Logo size will be automatically adjusted.

4. If you wish to add a new field onto the pass, simply drag and drop a new field from section with a circled plus sign (+). To edit the field details, directly click on the field and type directly to edit the contents.


5. Proceed to Step 4 to edit the Punch Generator strip image.

Step 4: Edit The Strip Image Of Your Punch Card
Once you have configured the appearance of your punch card, edit the appearance of the strip image where the punches will appear on your punch card.


1. Generator – select how the punches will be differentiated from the Generator drop down menu. Select Punch if you wish to display punch points on your punch card.

2. Number of Punches – select how many punches your card will have.

3. Background color – select a background color for the punch area of your card. If you will upload an image, proceed to item 4.

4. Background Image – Drag and drop a strip image for your punch card. You will be prompted to crop the image if the size is beyond the punch card dimensions.

5. Punch Color – If you will not use a punched and unpunched images, select a punch color for punched and unpunched point. If a punch/unpunch image will be used, proceed to item 6.

6. Punch Image – Upload images for punched and unpunched points in these areas. The recommended dimension should be 100px x 100px.

7. Click the Save button if you wish to save the changes or click Save and Close once you are done editing the strip image appearance.

8. Proceed to Step 5

Step 5: Assigning Location
After configuring your punch card strip image, assign a location by clicking the Locations sub tab and follow the steps below:


1. Enter the address of the business establishment offering the loyalty punch card on the Address field.

2. If Google Maps points the location pin on the incorrect location on the map, you can click, drag, and drop the location pin on the correct location on the map.

3. Click the Save or Save & Close button once you have added the correct location for the punch card.

4. Proceed to Step 6, assigning beacons to the punch card.

Step 6: Integrating Beacons To The Punch Card
Once the location is assigned to the punch card, you can proceed to the Beacons sub tab to assign a Bluetooth Beacon or an Estimote Beacon to the punch card:


A – Bluetooth Beacon Method

1. Click on the Add Beacon link to generate a UUID for your beacon.

2. Program the generated UUID onto your beacon using the designated beacon app recommended by your beacon manufacturer.

3. Add an appropriate location description for the beacon location.

4. If several beacons will be used for the punch card, assign a major and minor ID for each beacon.



B – Estimote Beacons

1. To integrate an Estimote beacon or several Estimote beacons, click on the Estimote link.

2. Add the necessary location for each Estimote beacon.

3. Configure the major and minor ID for each Estimote beacon. These major and minor IDs can be programmed into the beacons using the Estimote apps.


Proceed to the Step 7, integrating your punch cards with existing Android or iOS apps.

Step 7: Integrating Your Mobile Apps Onto Your Punch Card

After the beacons have been integrated into the punch card, you may also integrate the links of your mobile apps into the back of the punch card:

1. If you have an iOS app, you may enter the iTunes Store item ID of your iOS app on the designated field for iOS.

2. For Android apps, you may enter your app’s Google Play Store package name in the designated field for Android.

3. If you do not have an iOS but have an Android app or vice versa, you may leave one field as blank.


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