Does This Work On All Phones?

YES! Extreme MobiPunch works on all major smartphones including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry, even other devices like iPad, iPod and more, allowing you to offer a universal Mobile Wallet Punch Card solution.

Do Customers Need To Download A Separate App?

NO! Customers do not need to download a special app, this will work natively with Apple Wallet and all other smartphone Mobile Wallet apps.

Is This Secure, Can Customers Cheat The System?
NO! Customers cannot validate their own Punch Cards. Only approved smartphones can securely validate Punch Cards by simply scanning the Punch Card on the customer’s phone.
Does This Work In My Country?
YES! Extreme MobiPunch is a cloud based platform that works anywhere in the world that has accessible internet.
What Languages Are Available?

Currently Punch Cards can be created in: English, French, German, Spanish and Hebrew, if you don’t see your language, simply contact support and we can add it for you!

Does This Work With Geo-Fencing?

YES!  You can set up GPS “regions” throughout your city where custom notifications will be displayed when Punch Card holders enter these pre-defined areas.

Does Extreme MobiPunch integrate with Beacons?

YES!  Extreme MobiPunch allows you to add beacons with custom messages for in-store notifications and increased customer engagement.

Can I Update Passes In Real-Time?

YES! Punch Cards can be changed in real time and additional offers for your customers to take advantage of can be added instantly without having to reinstall the Punch Card.

How Are Punches Validated And Verified So There Is No Punch Fraud?

When you use Pass Verifier your Scanning app is locked to the Punch Card so only that scanning device will be allowed to validate Punch Cards. You can also view analytics and metrics to identify any kind of Punch Card fraud.

How Does The Retailer Scan The Pass? What Are The Steps?

Retailers can scan the Punch Card using an iPhone and Android device which has the Pass Verifier app installed. You can also choose to validate Punch Cards with any scanning app using a mobile browser and PIN password. Lastly you can also add Punches directly in the Loyalty users Dashboard.