Customers Overview

You can also view the details of specific customers that have already downloaded you pass as well enroll, send a push notification message to all punch card holders, as well as manually add customers onto the campaign.


1 – Customer Data Table

This is where all the data of customers who have downloaded the punch card onto their mobile devices. The customer name, email, phone number as well as the number of punches on their cards is displayed.


2 – Show Punch Card Details button

If you wish to see the specific details like the actions done by the customer on their punch card as well as the associated offer that the customer currently undertaking, you can click on this button. It will also show the unique serial number of the pass that is on the customer’s mobile device. See the image below of the page where you will be taken when you click on this button:


On this page, you can edit the customer details, send a unique message to this specific customer, open the associated offers, see the actual card on the customer’s mobile device, and deleting/invalidating the punch card for this customer.


3 – Edit Customer

Changing a customers’ details can be done by clicking on this button. It will take you to a page where you can edit the Last Name, First Name, Email, Phone number as well as the number of punches for that customer’s punch card.



4 – Delete Customer

Should you wish to delete a specific customer, you may click on this button.


5 – New Customer button

Manually enrolling or adding a customer for this punch card campaign can be done through by clicking this button. You will be required to input the customer’s last name, first name, email, and phone number. The customer needs to download the punch card as well through the share URL or through the QR distribution code. 


6 – Export Customer Data

You can export the customer data through this button. You will be taken to page where you can download a CSV file containing all customer data.


7 – Broadcast message

If you wish to broadcast a notification to all your punch card holders, you may click on this button. Please be aware that excessive use of this feature may lead to blocking of your cards.