Dashboard Overview

The Extreme Mobile Punch Dashboard provides you with an overview of your existing campaigns. Please refer to the image below to familiarize yourself with the different elements of the Dashboard.


Extreme Mobile Punch Dashboard

1 – Dashboard Tab

An overview of your existing campaign is displayed on this tab. You have your analytics as well the recent customers that have downloaded your campaign’s punch card.


2 – Program Tab

You create, design and edit new and existing punch cards using this tab. If you are currently viewing an existing campaign, you can edit the appearance of your campaign through this tab.


3 – Customers Tab

It is here where you view the specific details of your customers who have already downloaded the punch cards onto their mobile devices.


4 – Offers Tab

Associate your campaign’s rewards using this tab. It is here where you create another card that will appear once customers have accumulated the necessary points. You can provide details on what rewards the customer can have when you create the offers.


5 – Perform Scan

Should you want to find a specific customer, enter the punch card’s serial number using this field. Once you click the Scan button, it will display the details of a specific customer.


6 – Active Offers

The Offers that are associated with your campaign is listed on this section. You can have several Offers associated with a single campaign.


7 – Analytics Graph

A visual representation of the performance of your current punch card campaign. It displays how many customers have joined, installed the punch cards on their mobile devices, number of punches already given and earned as well as your redemption statistics.


8 – New Customers

A list of the latest customers who have signed up and downloaded the punch card on their mobile devices is listed here.


9 – Customer button

If you click on this button, it will take you to the customer’s page displaying their specific details.