Program (New Program)

When creating a new program for your campaign, you will be taken to the Program page wherein you have to input details for your campaign. It has two parts, the punch card function. The punch card function is where you set what your punch card does, and the punch card details is where you put specific information such as terms and conditions of your promotional campaign:


A – Punch Card Function


1 – Name field

This is the name of your punch card campaign


2 – Description

Provide a short description of your punch card campaign using this field.


3 – Country

Select which country where you will implement the punch card campaign.


4 – Language

You can choose the default language of the punch card, adding localization settings for your customers.


5 – Punch Card Icon

This will be the icon that will be displayed on locked screen notification for mobile devices.


6 – Punch Card Scheme

Select the main function of the card, whether it will be a punch card function, tiered membership, or if it will be used for a one time special offer. You can also select Custom to which you will have complete control on the function of the card.


7 – Punches for Activities

You can set the number of reward points each activity your customer engages into. For example, if the custom adds their email address to the punch card, you can reward them with a point or a couple for doing such action. Leave the fields as blank if you do not want an action to have a corresponding point.



B – Punch Card Details




1 – Company Name (Required)

Input the name of the company whose campaign this punch card belongs to.


2 – Address (Required)

The specific address of the business establishment who owns the campaign.


3 – Website (Optional)

If the company has a website, you may input it on this field. Otherwise, you may leave it blank.


4 – Email (Required)

The official contact email of the company that can address punch card concerns.


5 – Phone (Required)

A phone number that can be reached by customers should they have additional queries about the punch card campaign.


6 – Terms

You can input the specific terms and conditions of the punch card campaign on this field. This will appear on the back of the card when customers flip it on the mobile pass app.


7 – Scanning and Redemption

There are three options on how the card can be distributed.

Pass Verifier: A Pass Verifier app needs to be downloaded by the customer so that they can download the punch card. Additionally, you need to register your campaign using the Pass Verifier website.

Browser: This is the most generic method, users can just scan the QR distribution code and have the punch card downloaded immediately to their mobile devices.

None: Select this if you plan to distribute the mobile punch cards manually, by emailing the distribution link or distribution QR code. Works best if you wish to distribute it only to a select list of customers.


8 – Punch Change Message

This is the custom message that appears when the customer’s punch card is updated. the %@ format is for the number of punches that the card has accumulated.


9 – Create/Cancel Button

Once the entire details of the punch card is set, you may create your punch card by clicking the Create button.