Program (Editing An Existing Program)

If you wish to edit one of your existing campaigns, all you need to do is select the campaign on the toolbar on the top then click on the Program tab. You will see the interface depicted on the image below:


1 – Campaign Icon

This is the associated icon that was set during the creation of the punch card campaign. This can be changed by clicking on the Configure button.


2 – Share URL

This is the unique URL associated with the punch card. You may copy this URL and embed it on different webpages or on your email marketing campaigns.


3 – Distribution QR Code

When you wish to distribute the punch card across print materials such as posters, flyers, brochures, etc., you can download the image by right clicking the QR code and selecting Save Image As.


4 – Configure Button

If you wish to edit the punch card campaign functions and other details, click on this button and you will be taken to the same page when you first created the punch card campaign.


5 – Customer Data

If you would like to see the data about the customers who have already downloaded and installed this specific punch card, click on this button.


6 – Activity Data

To view the in-depth analytics of the performance of the specific punch card campaign, you can click on this button. It will display the different data about the punch card i.e. number of punches, number of installs, number of redemptions, etc.


7 – Delete

If the campaign period is over and you wish to delete the punch card, you can click on this button. It will prompt you to confirm if you would really like to delete the campaign.


8 – Customize Punch Card Appearance

Changing the appearance of the punch card can be done by clicking on this button. Editing the appearance of a punch card can be found on this page.