Video Tutorials

Mobile Punch Cards Training

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How To Create A Punch Card Program
[svpVideo v=2]
How To Customize Your Punch Card
[svpVideo v=3]
Punch Card Notifications Overview
[svpVideo v=4]
How To Setup Geo-Fencing With Notifications
[svpVideo v=5]
How To Setup Beacon Notifications
[svpVideo v=6]
How To Add An App Link To Your Punch Card
[svpVideo v=7]
How To Setup Offers & Rewards
[svpVideo v=8]
How To Send A Broadcast Push Notification
[svpVideo v=9]
Adding And Validating Punch Card Scanners
[svpVideo v=10]
How To Manually Create A Customer
[svpVideo v=11]
How To Add A Pass Type ID
[svpVideo v=12]
How To Export Customer Data
[svpVideo v=13] 
How To Export Punch Card Activity Data