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QR Code Marketing

Bring your print advertising to the digital dimension and take your business to the next level using our state of the art QR Code platform. From generating leads to providing valuable mobile coupons; QR codes can complete your small businesses marketing campaign.


Envision providing your customers with valued coupons and offers with a swift scan of their smart phone. With our Extreme QR Code Marketing platform, we can get you there.


What Is A QR Code?

A QR code (which stands for Quick Response Code) is a type of matrix (or two-dimensional) barcode first utilized in the automotive manufacturing business in Japan. It is a machine-readable optical label which can contain several types of information from URL’s, coupons, phone numbers, business info, etc.

QR Codes may be placed on several types of marketing media such as newspaper ads, flyers, posters, signs, business cards and so on.

The QR code is read by scanning it with a smartphone equipped with one of the many available scanning apps. You may program them to send customers to lead generation pages, your businesses website, special offers, coupons and much more. Provide your customers with a seamless integration between your print marketing and your digital marketing with our Extreme QR Code Marketing platform.

It’s Dynamic!

Old-fashioned QR codes are “static”, meaning the actual information was hard-coded directly into the QR code image. So once any marketing material such as a handout or poster was circulated there wasn’t any way to change the destination of the scan. If you wanted to change it, you would have to re-do the QR code and reprint/re-distribute the material, which could cost hundreds. Not anymore!

With our innovative EXtreme DYNAMIC QR code platform, you can change the target of your QR codes any time you want! Let’s say your customers scan one of your QR codes after the campaign or coupon has already terminated, you can re-direct the target to your businesses mobile site, your Customer Loyalty program or any campaign you want! This can definitely save you loads of cash on marketing costs.

Benefits Of Extreme QR Code Marketing

Customizable QR Codes

Make your QR Codes distinctive so that your campaigns dominate your competitions with attention grabbing appeal! Place your logo where ever you want and change the color’s to match your branding.

Detailed Analytics

Know with GPS accuracy where your customers are scanning your QR codes from; including specific time periods, landing pages visited and time spent on your site.

Dedicated Promotional QR Code Campaigns

Mobile Websites

Set up campaigns to steer traffic to your website, such as a landing page encouraging your visitors to sign up to your Customer Loyalty Program to receive special deals and coupons; turning your visitors into loyal customers while providing you with valuable leads.

Smartphone Apps

Create campaigns for your company’s smartphone app directing your potential clients to it once they scan your QR code. See the total number of views, downloads, etc., with our detailed analytic’s reporting.

Social Media

Harness the true power of social signals by integrating QR Code Marketing into your Social Marketing campaigns and measure user interaction in real-time. Take your social marketing efforts to the next level with fun and engaging campaigns utilizing our QR code platform.

Extreme QR Code Features

Create, manage and track numerous QR Codes on all your offline advertising with our state of the art Dynamic QR Code technology.

Your customers will be able to simply  scan the QR Code to:


Call Your Business

Visit your Website

Subscribe To Your Email List

Opt-in to Your SMS Campaign

Claim Digital Coupons

Save Your Contact Number

Like Your Facebook Page

Follow on Twitter

Watch Youtube Video

Get Started Today

Our EXtreme QR Codes are the simplest and most cost efficient way to stay ahead of your offline marketing campaigns and present-day social signals. They seamlessly integrate your print and digital marketing elements, and they work on all smartphones. Engage with your customers and create much more captivating marketing campaigns on their mobile phones with our Dynamic QR Codes.