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Extreme SMS Marketing Platform

Text Message Marketing For Small Business

Put your marketing message in the palm of your customers hand with our text message marketing platform!

SMS is the Best!

A text message has become the most normal way of communication in the modern world.

It’s also ideal for businesses to interact with future clients and hold on to their existing buyers. Simply put, Short Message Service (SMS) is a must if an organization wants to succeed in its mobile marketing campaigns.

The Indispensability of SMS

Most people don’t like to see unsolicited emails and spams flooding their inboxes, precisely the reason why email marketing efficacy is declining and isn’t the same as it was a few years ago.

With our Extreme SMS Marketing program, you’ll have a customized SMS marketing strategy that won’t just make your potential clients take notice and respond, but will also translate into increased sales. When compared to any other communication medium, SMS’s tend to reach people quicker and are also more likely to be read.

We offer you the most advanced SMS campaigns, like subscriber lists, text2win, auto responders, SMS coupons, SMS broadcasts, etc.

Text Marketing is Viral

of text messages get shared with friends

Quick impressions

of text messages are read within a minute

Your Message Is Seen By Everyone

99 percent of text messages are completely read by consumers

Extreme SMS Marketing: The Benefits


Engage with your customers by scheduling and sending bulk text messages.


Conduct market research via valuable feedback from customers.


Host contests and see your customers willingly participate in “opt-in” lists that bag huge prizes!


Use text messages to offer quick and trustworthy customer assistance.

SMS Coupons

Send out text blasts to your customers with exclusive SMS coupons. These coupons have built-in redemption features which include automated barcodes and promotion codes which could be scanned from a mobile device or redeemed right at the POS.

Loyalty Programs

Create your company brand by building distinctive loyalty text marketing campaigns. For instance, we could make you a text marketing campaign that’ll offer discounts to your customers whenever their purchase value exceeds a particular amount.

Social Media Plug-ins

Directly send your sales and special offers to your Twitter and/or Facebook pages. Putting up offers on these social platforms would help create buzz and accentuate customer participation.


Are you looking for a fun, casual way to keep your customers posted on future appointments? Our SMS Appointment reminder service can assist you in saving hundreds of dollars in overlooked appointment fees.

Polls and Surveys

Carry out polls and surveys for your current business events and needs that provide you with amazingly fast, hands-on feedback from your customers. Discuss with your customers aspects that may influence your business!

Messages and Alerts

With our text marketing alert programs, you could let your customers know about special deals and offers and make sure they are aware of your new products and offerings.

Opt-In Lead Generation

Seize on the opportunity when your potential buyers show interest in things like a car or house purchase, or subscription services. With such data, you can make a valuable “opt-in” customer list that comprises buyers’ keenness in your products, services and brand as a whole.

Text 2 Win

Make a text message sweepstake so that your “opt-in” clients could play and win. You may designate the competition to an entire list, or restrict entry by only inviting participants that send a response text within a particular time-frame.

Birthday Wishes

With our Extreme SMS Marketing, direct automated birthday messages to your clients to help create brand awareness and loyalty. You could also bundle in a special birthday coupon, your buyers will be floored!

Complete Reporting

Get complete reports pertaining to your coupon redemptions and views, survey outcomes, opt-in list creation, and confirmations on campaign delivery. Make sense of the information to better alter your marketing initiatives for better business growth and success.

Text 2 Screen

Make use of Text 2 Screen to cover live programs and enhance audience interaction through SMS marketing. Have audience members send in their text messages so that they may be displayed on a public screen. This works well during live events and for night life customers, like clubs and bars.

Real Estate and Auto Listings

Work with potential buyers when they use your keyword or do a QR code scan to collect full vehicle information or property listings sent through an SMS, while simultaneously building “opt-in” lists.

Begin Your Campaign Now!

Our SMS campaign platform doesn’t just rest with sending out some text messages. With our cutting-edge SMS marketing tools, we can assist you to kick-start a completely successful and functional SMS marketing program. Combine it with our mobile websites, proximity marketing, NFC marketing, Wi-Fi marketing and mobile wallet loyalty program and start your crushing your competition!

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