Analytics Overview

Social Users

Social Users

The Social Users page breaks down the user data into a more detailed analysis like which social media they used to login into the MyWifi network. Which MyWifi campaign as well as when did they login onto that network:


1 – Switch back to Analytics 

Click on this button to switch back to analytics view.


2 – Media 

Type of social media the user used to connect to the router.


3 – Name

Name of the user that logged into the network. If you click on the name of the user, further details will appear about the user.


4 – Email

Email of the user (if through Email option login).


5 – Gender

If they logged in through Facebook or identified their gender through the email login, the user’s gender will appear on this column.


6 – Campaign

Which campaign the user logged in through.


7 – Location

Location of the router where the user logged in.


8 – Visits

The number of visits that the user has already done across all different routers on your platform.


9 – OS

The operating system running on the device of the connected user.


10 – Device

The type of device the user used to connect.


11 – Connected

The last known date that the user connected through any router.

Analytics Page

Analytics Page

Below is the overview of the Analytics page and what each section describes about your MyWifi campaigns.



1 – Social Users

This will take you to the users that have logged in into one of your devices. You can check out the overview of the Social Users on this page.


2 – Sorting

The analytics data can be sorted into different views. Sorting the data by Devices allows you to view the data through each device. If you wish to view the data by location and analyze how a particular location performs, you may choose location.


3 – Date Range

Dropdown menu that allows the adjustment of date range for analytics preview.


4 – Export

Export data in CSV or PDF format.


5 – Real Time Stats

These are the number of active users that is currently logged in into your entire MyWifi network. You can sort the number by selecting the sorting views, whether by device or by location.


6 – Social Connections

Provides a breakdown on the number of users that have logged in using their social media accounts or through email. A line graph also provides the number of users on a daily basis.


7 – Demographics

Gives you an idea how many female and male users have logged in into any of your MyWifi network.


8 – Campaign Statistics

This is a view of specific campaign analytics. This will show new visitors, returning visitors and the number of total pageviews.