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GeoQuest Pro

Geo Conquesting+Hyper Mobile

Both technologies are used together for each of their benefits.  HyperMobile targets and shows ads immediately while they are in the targeted area.  Then Geo Conquesting is used to re-target them long term when they leave the targeted area.

$1,150.00 / month and a $799.00 sign-up fee


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How It Works:

    • 1)

Geo Targeting

    • – A geo-targeting technology is used to trigger when a mobile phone enters a designated location. Once this happens an application that resides on their phone is contacted by us to retrieve the mobile phone’s Advertising ID.
    • 2)

Collecting Advertising ID’s

    • – Each time someone enters the geo-targeted area, we have a technology that can get the Advertising ID from mobile phones. This includes both iPhones and Android phones. This is special because Advertising ID’s can only be obtained by having an application installed on their mobile phone. An agreement with 180,000+ applications on both the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store allow us to get these Advertising ID’s using their apps. Apps like Google Maps and other major application are some of these included in this agreement.
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Cross Device Retargeting

    – Advertising ID’s are then collected, tracked, cataloged and sent to a demand side platform where we can then retarget those who were in the geo targeted areas. A special process using 3rd party services allows us to know which computers are connected to the home and work computers that they use. This is done through processes such as logging into a bank account. If a person has a banking application on their phone and logs in with their username and password the bank can tell it was from their mobile app. Later if that same person logs in with their username / password on their home or work computer the bank also knows this and ties the mobile login information with the computer information. This ties the mobile phone with the other computers
What has to be in place to make all this work? 


Banner Ads – Set of 3                                                                      $300
Setup – Landing Page (If needed)                                                 $500

Data Collection – 5 Locations                                                         $350
Additional Locations – $90 each/mo

Ad spend = $300/mo with 3 month minimum                          $300

Management Fee                                                                              $500
First Month Total Cost                                                               $1950


Data Collection – 5 Locations                                                         $350
Additional Locations – $90 each/mo

Ad spend = $300/mo with 3 month minimum                          $300

Management Fee                                                                               $500
Monthly Total Costs                                                                    $1150