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Extreme 5 Star Reputation Builder for Small Business

Extreme 5 Star Reputation Builder for Small Business

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Our proprietary software helps you manage the reputation of your business online and helps tip the scale in your favor. Reviews are now considered so important that major search engines and review sites rank each business higher or lower in their local search results based on recent reviews and overall rating score. So the more positive ratings and reviews a local business has, the higher likely they’ll appear in the search results. And of course the more positive reviews a local business has, the more trustworthy they appear and the more customers they attract over their competition.

Its time to ensure your businesses reviews are in good order, making you the preferred choice for potential clients and customers. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get you started right now with a safe and simple way to build a 5 star reputation on autopilot.

Click on the tabs below to see the many features of our EXtreme Reputation Builder Software.
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Reputation Marketing

Check out the worlds greatest online reputation marketing platform that automatically generates feedback from your recent customers and turns it into raving 5-star reviews online.

Real Time Reporting

The Dashboard let’s you stay on top of what’s being said about your business. With our Reputation Snapshot you’ll have access to:

  • Most recent feedback and reviews
  • Overall feedback rating
  • Average online rating

Actively Monitor Top Review Sites

Connect your dashboard to major rating and review sites like Yelp, Google+ , Yahoo, and CitySearch to pull in reviews that have been posted about your business.

New review snapshots are displayed inside your dashboard along with a special alert that is sent directly to notify you that a new rating or review has been found by the software.


Quick Links Route To Actual Online Reviews

Easily see the full rating and review on the reported website with one easy click of the mouse, allowing you to reply or comment on recent customer reviews.

Socially Share Or Suppress New Feedback / Reviews

  • Spread the word about your recent feedback or reviews
  • Prevent duplicate reviews from being shared
  • Control the brand of your business online
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Automated Customer Feedback Funnel

Automatically collect customer feedback and turn positive feedback into online ratings and reviews.


Simple Automated Feedback Loop Launch

To start the automated feedback loop process, simply enter some basic customer information using our “Quick Add” form or send customers to your company branded external review page.

Discreetly Assign Feedback to a Department or Employee

Unique system allows you to assign feedback to a specific department or employee without customer knowledge, allowing unbiased evaluation of service strengths and weaknesses down to a department or employee level.


Define Feedback And Email Settings For Intelligent Routing

Based on customized filter settings, a company specific email is sent out to your customer.

  • Easy to understanding filter settings.
  • Define what a positive review is
  • Helps prevent negative reviews from getting online.
  • Integrates with social sharing and reviewing streaming.

Turn Positive Feedback Into Online Reviews

Based on your settings, customers that are flagged as leaving positive feedback for your business are sent a follow up sequence to encourage sharing their feedback as an online rating and review.

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Company Branded Feedback Funnel Pages

Our editable feedback pages allow you to brand your company and edit content to maximize conversions based on your customer type.


Positive And Negative Pages Based On Routing

Customers are intelligently routed to a specific post feedback page based on the initial feedback snapshot and the settings you configured in the setup process.

Quickly and Easily Access Review Sites

Make posting positive reviews online easy for your customers. Decide which review site(s) is important to your business, allowing your customer to quickly select a review site they are familiar and comfortable with.

  • Add any rating or review site you want.
  • Rotate sites to spread reviews across the web.
  • Quick linking removes need to search.
  • Customers selects the sites they know.

Male / Female White Label Video

For both positive and negative feedback pages, professionally written and recorded videos are included in both male and female options. You also have the ability to create and use your own video, specifically branded to your company, and embed it with a message that is tailored to your customers.

Fully Responsive For Mobile Feedback

The entire feedback loop is fully mobile responsive. Customers can quickly and easily navigate the entire loop from any web enabled device.

This includes:

  • iPhones
  • iPads and Tablets
  • Desktop Browsers
  • Android Devices
  • And More…

Ability To Edit Page Content

With the ability to update the content above and below the video message, you can tailor your message specifically your customer base. Easily include a link, add in manager contact info, or even create a special offer right on the page.

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Micro Business Website

Your optional business page is an additional web property that you control and lists all the pertinent information about your business.


Expand Your Web Presence

You can never have too many web properties. Your new micro site helps spread the word about your business and not only shares your online ratings and reviews, but also includes the powerful feedback customers have left for you that may not have shown up on external rating and review sites.

Feedback And Review Selection

Share only the feedback and reviews that you want shared on your microsite. This is easily configured using your reputation dashboard giving you full control on what is displayed to prospective customers.


Important Business Information

Your Reputation micro site shows all pertinent business information in a single location. If needed, you can use this as a primary website as it includes:

  • Company or individual branding
  • Recent feedback and online reviews
  • Business hours
  • Basic company information
  • Social media accounts
  • Link to external review page
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Visibility Checker

We help verify the Name, Address, and Phone of your business listing across multiple directories to expand your reach and strengthen the congruency of your presence.


Establish Accurate Business Information Online

Ensure your business information is correct across all major search, review, social media, and local directory properties.

Monitor Missing or Inconsistent Business Information

Your visibility score reveals the accuracy of your business data across the major online directories, review sites, and social networks. Missing or inconsistent listings are highlighted and quickly brought to your attention. Quick links are provided to edit and update business information easily when required.



Ability To Remove Sites Based On Relevancy

While we check dozens of web properties that are relevant to local businesses, we understand that not every directory will be relevant to your business. Quickly remove sites from the visibility checker that are not related to your business category at the click of the mouse.

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Real Time Feedback And Review Alerts

Use instant alerts to know exactly what your customers are saying about your business as soon as it happens. This platform updates you when new feedback arrives, providing you the opportunity to address any customer concerns promptly. This helps diffuse a potential complaint before it has turned into a poor rating online.


Real Time SMS Review Alerts

See overall rating and new reviews with SMS text message alerts sent directly to your phone.

Real Time Email Review Alerts

Instantly see the rating and full report of your most recent feedback on a web browser or while on the go via your email enabled mobile device.


Add Additional Employee / Staff Emails For Notices

Want to keep everyone at your company “in the loop” as well? Simply add in additional notification email addresses to send feedback updates alerts and reviews to management or specific staff members.

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Complete Reputation Email Marketing System

This is the only platform on the market that has the power to remarket to customers based on the feedback they’ve left you.

Contact Manager Tab

Import, export, or quick add customers to your database from one location. Search, manage, and segment existing customers based on their ratings.

Default Feedback Request, Reminder, And Thank You Emails

ReputationLoop.com comes with a full email campaign preconfigured in the software to get you up and running quickly.


Editable HTML Email Templates

Personalize the default feedback and follow up emails with a powerful HTML editor. Brand and customize your content to enhance results with a message that is tailored to your own customers.

Powerful Merge Fields

Edit your emails with over a dozen possible merge fields to design a message that pulls in and populates data quickly.


Special Notification Campaigns

Using our custom email message manager, easily create marketing messages for the holidays, reactivate your best customers, or send a special offer to customers that may have left less than favorable feedback to return and give you a second chance.

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Detailed Feedback Reporting

With our Reputation Marketing Platform, you’ll gain a global understanding of customer sentiment towards your company, monitoring trends and overall performance on a micro level within a specific timeframe or employee.

Easy To Manage Reporting

Quickly access customer feedback with ability to:

  • Review feedback ratings
  • Send special notification messages
  • Research feedback response rates
  • See feedback star %

Drill Down Capabilities

Review feedback at a specific employee or service department level from the past 30 days or during a specific date range.


Appended Contact Feedback Upon Return Visit

If you have a repeat customer base, the software will use each customer’s email address to append older feedback with new feedback.

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Social Media Integration

Each year customers turn to social media to research local businesses in their area. Ensure you’re promoting recent positive reviews everywhere customers search.


Share Reviews On Top Social Media

Based on manual or automatic settings, Reputation Marketing Platform helps you socially share your recent positive feedback and new reviews with your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ followers.

Automated Review And Feedback Posting

Automate the share process easily by determining which feedback and reviews to share, how often to share them, and the maximum number to share each day. Have a hot new review that you want to share immediately? Manually spread the word at the push of a button right from your main dashboard.


Attention Grabbing Social Media Posts

Each shared review includes an image, increasing your likes and shares, and a customer review that highlights your company.

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Feedback Streaming

Alongside promotion on major review sites, stream your best and most recent customer feedback on your main website and micro site page.


Review Feed For Your Website

Using our website plugin, you’ll instantly access reviews from your dashboard and place them prominently on your company website. Our review streaming plugin ensures prospective customers will see all the positive feedback you have earned and deserve.

Complete Brand Control

You’ll select and control the Feedback and Reviews a prospect sees using our filter and suppression settings. This removes duplicate reviews and prevents a review that may have less than professional wording from being shown.


Microsite Review Integration

Feedback and reviews are streamlined to your microsite based on the applied settings that match your main company website. Your microsite shows the average rating of total feedback and reviews and provides the consumer with an overall star rating as well.

External Feedback Page Integration For Collecting New Reviews

If a customer would like to provide feedback and share details about their recent experience while on your website or microsite, they simple click the “Leave A Review” button. This takes them to your company branded external feedback page to start the feedback loop process.

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And So Much More…

Because our Reputation Marketing platform is easy and intuitive to use, your learning curve is extremely short, leaving you more time to work with new customers.

Works On Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Phones

The entire platform is mobile responsive and works on any web browser enabled device. That means you can quickly and easily login and use the system from home, on the road during a service call, or anywhere in the world. It works on your iPad, Desktop Browser, Tablet, iPhone, or Android device.

API Integration Capabilities

With powerful API integration with software like Infusionsoft, you’ll be able to quickly manage contacts, feedback, segmentation, and campaigns without ever having to log into the main dashboard. Just enter your application name and encryption key.


Simple To Understand Training And Setup

Your focus should be on your customers and your business, not trying to learn how to use a program. To ensure your success, the setup process was created with a simple to use and easy interface, ensuring that you establish your positive online reputation quickly and easily.

Friendly And Helpful Support Staff

If during the setup process or at anytime you have a question, our detailed Knowledge Base of FAQs or Support Desk will help you find the answer quickly. Need a little more hands on help? Take advantage of a free setup and implementation meeting with one of our specialists.

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