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8 reasons why you should be using chatbots for your business...

What is a messenger bot?

Simply put, a chatbot is the automation of an instant messenger platform, whether on a website, or on a device. What we are talking about specifically is the Facebook Messenger platform.

Back in 2016, Facebook released the Messenger Platform, that allows developers to automate responses for Facebook pages, when a person sends an instant message to the page.

So, for instance, when someone visits your Facebook page, and sends you a message asking "What are your hours?", instead of you being required to manually respond to the question, the "chatbot" can automatically respond, instantly.

Each person that interacts with your Facebook page via messenger, or uses a chat plugin on your website, or comments on your Facebook page, or a number of other ways, becomes a "subscriber" of the page, and can be sent broadcast messages, similar to email campaigns.

But there is one HUGE difference.

FB Messenger has read rates of 80%+, and click through rates 30% or more.

These are SMS like numbers...

So, when you want to let your customers know about your next promotion, or latest Facebook video or post, or find leads for your business, you know virtually everyone will get the message.

The Top Benefits of Facebook Messenger Chatbots

  • Connect with over 1.3 billion people each month
  • List Growth
  • Improved Marketability of subscribers
  • Open rate 50% – 80% better than email
  • Automated response (0 wait time for customers to get answers to commonly asked questions
  • Engagement improves loyalty
  • Less expensive than paying someone by the hour to monitor chat/Frees you up to run your business so you don't have to monitor
  • Leverage AI to serve the content users want
  • Grow your Facebook Messenger contacts
  • Brand recognition

Why Your Business Needs A automated chatbot…

Engage your customers,
of people who message businesses say they are more likely to shop with a business they can message.
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average Messenger open rates compared to 20% for email.
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compared to a measly 3% for emails.
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bots on the messenger platform and counting.

Our Social Marketing Development Team Can Design A Custom Bot For You Today!

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