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Web Design and Your Bottom Line

Web design isn’t just a matter of pleasing aesthetics in today’s increasingly mobile environment. Over half of Googles searches are now conducted on mobile so your site needs to adapt responsively for smartphones, tablets and widescreen desktops. Web design is also a critical factor that Google and other search engines use when ranking search engine return pages or SERPs in response to consumer keyword searches.
Your website is your most important Digital Marketing resource, and its layout and functions influence each user’s Internet experience and your customers’ efforts to find information and products. 

Responsive Design and Clean Architecture

It’s not enough to use company colors, display a recognizable company logo and showcase high-definition photos and readable graphics. Successful sites boast a responsive design that adjusts the display on each user’s screen. Clever design ensures that the right information appears prominently on any screen and that people can navigate your site easily.

Better Conversions

Design influences each visit to your website. Savvy engineering moves customers along the sales funnel into a progressively narrower list of options that result in a conversion—whether the goal is to register people for newsletters and emails or get them to request further information, schedule an appointment or buy a product. If you’re not using your website to ask for a buying decision, you’re leaving money on the table that your competitors won’t miss.

• One out of five people puts products in a shopping cart and then abandons the cart due to complicated check-outs.
• Best practices for converting visitors include delivering consistent visuals across different contexts to leave memorable impressions.

The statistics become even more discouraging among mobile phone users.
• Getting clicks is useless unless customers follow through, so calls-to-action are critical.
• Distinguishing your business from its competitors doesn’t take glitter and dancing graphics but rests on your site’s ability to distill your unique selling points from relevant and compelling illustrations, graphics and content.

Mobile Marketing Success

Using a data-driven approach, you can test, analyze and improve mobile conversions. When your site delivers a better user experience, you get more conversions from people who place orders from phones. An enhanced mobile experience fosters a better reputation for your business and strengthens customer loyalty. Important features that generate better mobile marketing include:

• Optimization for mobile navigation and ordering
• Design that zooms on objects and moves them easily
• Legible fonts
• Easy to find maps and directions
• Recognition of each customer’s location

Fill out the Website Discovery Form for a free consultation and find out how we can jumpstart your marketing with effective, responsive website design. We’ll analyze your site, identify areas where improvements can be made and recommend design features that deliver extraordinary experiences to each customer. Together, we’ll build a site that focuses on achieving your marketing goals and increasing conversions, sales totals, leads and customer satisfaction.