The 5 Things People are Going to Your Website to Find

May 5, 2022 @ 5:55 am

Designing a website for your company is an excellent way to attract brand-new clients and stay connected with old ones. What many business owners miss out on, though, is that clients anticipate particular things from your website. This is not a one-way relationship, if you’re going to construct a website, you need to guarantee that it offers the things that your clients expect to discover. Here’s an overview of the leading 5 things consumers want to see on your website and will leave if they can’t.

1. Your NAP Information

First things initially, your website must contain your name, address, and contact number. While this seems apparent, these are things that many website owners forget. This is a significant problem and easily preventable. ¬† Customers who can not find your phone number also can not call you. Considering how many website searches start with local intent, it’s downright silly not to have your address on your website. If you don’t publish your address, phone number, and name, customers don’t understand where to locate you, how to contact you, or actually anything that they require to understand to do business. With this in mind, keep your¬†NAP information updated and on your website. As a basic guideline, it should be big, centrally located, and easy for customers to discover no matter where they are on your site. If you have a different company and mailing address, use your physical address on your website. That’s primarily the one that customers will be searching for, and is an essential one to present to them.

2. Contact Forms

¬†In many cases, consumers aren’t necessarily seeking to call you immediately. They may have a complaint, may have a concern, or might have some other query that they would rather send through e-mail or contact form. As such, it’s perfect to use an electronic method of contact on your website. This is likewise vital for small company owners who can’t always get to the phone, and don’t have a devoted gatekeeper. Chat-bots can also automate messaging and communications with potential customers.¬†

3. Prices Information

¬†Among the very first concerns, the only way they’ll get an answer to this question is if you publish pricing details on your website. With this in mind, regard everybody’s time and make your costs clear, easy to comprehend, and simple for your consumers to navigate, consumers want to know that they’re dealing with a real person. Your website must have comprehensive pricing information, this will provide potential consumers a concept of the level of service they want to acquire prior to contacting you. This will not only help you come off as upfront and truthful to your customers, but it will also save you plenty of time on the phone discussing your prices and going back and forth. To prevent issues with publishing your prices, make sure to upgrade pages regularly and notify long-standing clients of any cost modifications.

4. An “About Page”

Customers want to know who they’re dealing with, what your company is about, and what drives you. Because of this, it’s necessary to provide a thorough, comprehensive, distinct about page. Although this about page will vary depending on who you are and what your business’s mission is, the general must-haves for an about page include your business’s background, a little bit of details about the founders or managers, a breakdown of your services, and a basic expansion of your business’s elevator pitch. Your website, no matter how brief or long it might be, should always have an about page that discusses your experience, your business’s values, and what makes you special.¬†

5. Social Media Links

No website is complete without some social networks links. To keep your customers coming back for more, use social networks links right off the bat. They need to be popular, included at the bottom of each page on your website, and must connect straight to the social page in question. For finest results, utilise matching social media icons to take consumers to your different pages. When customers can find your social media quickly and easily, they’re more likely to follow, share, and interact in the manner ins which you want them to.

Extra Tips to Make Your Website Better for Customers

¬†Once you’ve ensured your website design fulfils the above requirements, you’re well on your way toward a practical and efficiant site. Are there things you can do to make it even better, though? Obviously! Here’s your step-by-step guide to a better site, made easy.¬†

  • Improve Your Images. Among the simplest ways to make your website higher-quality and more customer-facing is to refresh it with images. Think of a set of fresh images like a coat of fresh paint: it’s the best, low-priced method to improve your site style and ensure your consumers have something nice to take a look at. If you ‘d like to, you can hire a professional photographer to refresh your website images. This is a choice for marketing companies with a larger budget, as this will be a fairly expensive option. If you’re searching for a lower-cost alternative, consider buying a couple of excellent stock images, instead. Websites like Pexels¬†and¬†Shutterstock¬†provide high-resolution complimentary or paid stock images that you can use throughout your website and other marketing materials.¬†
  • Improve Your Typography.¬†A strong typeface is perfect for setting your website apart from the rest. Perfect for producing hierarchy and visual interest, typography is an outstanding method to make your website more modern-day and beautiful. Not sure which typefaces fit? ¬†This breakdown from¬†Canva¬†is a terrific method to see which fonts pair together well.¬†
  • Add a Video. Did you know that the human brain processes visuals 60,000 x faster than text? With this in mind, consider adding a video to your website homepage. An exceptional way to provide your customers an instant breakdown of your business, and ensure they understand what they’re searching for by visiting your page, a video is an outstanding addition to any high-quality website.

A Better Website Starts Here

There are dozens of ways to improve your website, however they’re not all developed equally. When it comes time to develop it, the very first thing you need to do is guarantee you’re providing the experience clients desire. By giving them the five things they’relooking for, you can improve interest and ensure they have a positive experience. Take this one step further with the bullet points above for a site that will knock your buyers out of the park!

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