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Website Maintenance

Your Business Website is Vital to Your Success
Your business website fulfills several key functions. It attracts new customers, leads and sales (or, if not, it certainly ought to). It is a platform that suppliers, customers and prospective new partners and employees can use to communicate with you. Your website is an integral part of your enterprise, so you need to be sure that it is available and working for your visitors round the clock, without disruption.

The Vulnerabilities of Software
All software has to be updated. This includes the software that your website is built on. Your competition is wising up (or perhaps blazing a trail) and experimenting with different online marketing methods. The planet has shrunk, as increasing numbers of people use the Internet and this means that it will only become more difficult to keep pace, let alone remain ahead of the field. Lots of websites are now being hacked, even the biggest brands such as Facebook and Twitter, along with millions of smaller businesses each day. This is just the way the world is these days and, regrettably, websites are an obvious target.

DIY Website Maintenance
Ensuring that your website is secure, updated and backed up is tedious and time consuming. It distracts you from carrying out your core business tasks, such as developing relationships with employees, partners and customers. The technology is in a constant state of evolution too, so it is impossible to keep up to speed with all the latest developments and trends.

Generic Assistance
Of course, the company that hosts your website will offer you many website maintenance services. It will contact thousands of website owners each day, offering the same thing. This means that the company has experience. In addition, it means that the company may not pay much attention to the specific needs of your business.

How we can Help
As you are on this page, we can confidently say that we are familiar with your website, because we set it up or did some work on it at some point. We know all the lines of code, factors and combinations of elements that work together to make things run. Also, we have a deep understanding of the software that powers your website. We have used this software for more than eight years, and all the websites we use (this one included) are powered by the same software. Therefore, we are best placed to maintain your website, and keep it operational for customers. We can do this through one of our dedicated Care Plans.

The Services we Provide
We do all the detailed, tedious, technical work, so you can simply get on with impressing your target audience. Regard us as your online guardian angel.

We will complete an unrestricted amount of work on your website over the course of each month, to ensure that every line of code and content piece is flawless.

The Advantages
Enlisting our help means that your website will carry on driving interest and customers to your business, for a small percentage of the money and time you would need to do this yourself.

Overview of basic website maintenance concepts (e.g. domains, hosting, etc.) and suggested web services.